MHFA Children & Young People

Coming 1st December 2019

This course on Mental Health First Aid for Children and Young People – The course is designed to give you the tools and the knowledge to provide a child or young person developing a mental health issue with vital first responder care, support and signposting.



Who is the course suitable for?
Organisations – Individuals – Public Sector

The Learning outcomes for Mental Health First Aid for Children & Young People are:

  • To develop a greater awareness of what mental health may arise in children and young people and how Mental Health First Aid can help in a crisis, the different types of mental health issues and an understanding of their effects
  • The triggers and causes of mental health dysfunction in children and young people that may steer towards a downward spiral
  • How to identify early warning signs and red flags of a possible mental health issues in Children and Young People
  • Once identified, how to offer initial support and signposting towards the appropriate treatment of Children & Young People
  • Tools and strategies useful for stabilising and maintaining mental health wellbeing in children and young people

If a child or young person sprains their ankle or cuts their hand, a first aider knows what to do – However, what if a child or young person has a Panic attack, displays signs of psychosis or PTSD? Or even uses suicidal language? – Mental Health First Aiders are trained to be able to initially support the sufferer and signpost them to the professional help they need.