Resilience Skills

Coming 1st November 2019

Welcome to this course on Resilience Skills – for the workplace and daily life.

The aim of this course is to give learners the knowledge, confidence and practical skills to become more resilient to stress, negative emotions and adversity many of us can face on a day to day basis.

Whether in the workplace or in daily life.



Who is the course suitable for?
Organisations – Individuals – Public Sector

The Learning Outcomes for this resilience course are:

    • Defining what being resilient means to the individual and the importance of setting boundaries.
    • How to develop a Resilience Tool Kit of positive strategies to combat the negativity we can face on a daily basis.
    • Learning the power of a resilient mindset the positive effects on an individual’s well-being.
    • How to maintaining the Resilient Mindset.

Do you wish you wouldn’t allow things the “get to you” so much? Would you like to handle daily stressors, rejection and general negativity with more resilience? With Resilience Skills online training you can understand resilience, develop your resilience tool kit and learn how to maintain the resilient mindset.