Mental health first aider role

Being a Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) is essentially a two pronged role. You will become the go-to person for anyone experiencing or concerned with mental health issues. You will also be the person who has the skills to identify any person who may be affected by mental health and will be aware of what are considered tell-tale signs.

The role of a MHFA doesn’t mean that you are a therapist and can offer counselling skills. Instead you are trained to understand the issues surrounding mental health and are able to try and introduce measures in the workplace that will support colleagues, signposting them to seek professional help in some circumstances.

Mental Health First Aid is a recognised accreditation where appointed personnel have undergone official training, delivered by quality instructors who are experts in their field. Training encourages MHFA to be non-judgemental, recognising the importance of listening and developing the confidence to guide a person in the right way.

In a similar way to physical First Aiders, accident forms will be filled in and officially recorded. MHFA training is relevant across all sectors, business and organisations. New research has shown that businesses who have an appointed MHFA have significantly improved levels of mental health.