Resilience and Assertiveness Skills


By combining the resilience and assertiveness courses together, learners not only get the benefits of courses while saving money.

On completion learners will also receive the CPCAB accreditation.

The Resilience skills and Assertiveness skills courses compliment each other as both resilience and assertiveness are traits that lean on each other.

Therefore, building both these skills only supports the growth of the other.

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Defining what being resilient means to the individual and the importance of setting boundaries
  • How to develop a Resilience Tool Kit of positive strategies to combat the negativity we can face on a daily basis
  • Learning the power of a resilient mindset the positive effects on an individual’s well-being
  • How to maintaining the Resilient Mindset
  • Defining the differences between behaving in an Aggressive, Passive and Assertive manor
  • How to build the foundation habits of assertiveness – Such as confident thinking and assertive body language
  • Communicating assertively in conflicts, negotiations and daily life
  • Maintaining an Assertive Mindset